Institute Bon Pasteur
is a center for research and development on all matters of wellbeing.
​​We love our planet and all the life it harbors. Our design challenge is to secure the best living experience  for as many organisms  without compromising human aspirations and comfort, for an infinite number of generations to come. ​​This can be, and is, being done.  We just need to keep learning and doing it better, together.  


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Our partnership network and the pool of experts include some of the best in the world, spanning from the US, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. To see our list of partners click here . For experts, get in touch and tell us what it is you want to do. We will find just the right person for you.   
Action research, community development and knowledge management. The projects we choose to work on incorporate ongoing contributions to institute's research efforts. We invite you to explore our  services currently on offer as well as browse through  past , present and future projects. 
By having strong partnerships that enable us to troubleshoot effectively  and by timely use of design frameworks built for systems thinking, biomimicry and cross-sectoral communication. For more information on permaculture principles and Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development have a look here .   
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Our work is integrated and multi-disciplinary. However big or small, the projects we design embody both GeoMedicine applications and have Educational objectives.

Education department

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
During projects, we compile evidence supporting the use of various modes of education for well-being and propagate these wherever possible. By doing so we experiment with different ways one's passion can be turned into livelihood. This stimulates new ways of reaching work life balance, uplifting social wellness – a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.

GeoMedicine department

Here we aim to improve public health by increasing resilience of our environment and socio-economic systems. GeoMedicine applications control or remove toxins in the landscape via strategic application of innovative eco - technological solutions. Our designs include development and application of GeoMedical products which engage our  biologists, artists and engineers. These products range from industrial to home applications, and are associated to plant colonies to be established indoors or outdoors. 
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    Our customers are land developers, public and private corporations, production industries, HR-managers, schools, and curious, visionary individuals. See what they say about us.
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    Get a look behind the scenes at the kind of charachters that run this show. See what we are working on currently and all the ways you could get involved. Enjoy getting 'lost and found' in our free learning materials.
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    Our partners are universities, NGO's, sustainability businesses, start ups and professional networks. Lets collaborate, share resources and attack some wicked problems. You never know what good can come from it.
Please note that, while Institute Bon Pasteur is affiliated to Clinique Bon Pasteur, any query regarding medical conditions should be directed to Clinique Bon Pasteur's reception desk on the 4019500.