Collaboration in action
Welcome to our active bunch where work meetings sometimes get held chilling in or by the sea. We are all strong networkers, educators, creative content developers and team builders.  Natural capital is very important to us. But so is human capital and trade. What brings us together is the common wish to diversify the job market and the way education is delivered.  

To start, we had to create our own projects to demonstrate, and test, our theories and abilities. Today projects are coming to us.
The IBP was created to enable us to better work with and manage the knowledge gained.  As project ideas arrive, expert network makes the assessment whether it can have immediate trade route or needs further researching and piloting. If prior, it is placed under the management of best suited partnership organisation, an initial host for the project. If later, project goes under Institute Bon Pasteur corresponding department for further research and development. Most of the projects we get commisioned for are actually at such scale, or of such ambitions, that initial pilot is needed.  This is where we establish ‘how we work together’ and the level of ‘trial and error’ acceptable to all parties.

  1. Maja Židov
    Maja Židov
    Process optimiser
    Administration and project development
  2. Martine Lassemillante
    Martine Lassemillante
    Networking and community engagement
  3. Zoë Rozar
    Zoë Rozar
    Chief Designer
    Executive direction in R&D
  4. Ajay Sewraz
    Ajay Sewraz
    Finance and Investment department
  5. Christina Gindl
    Christina Gindl
    Media and administration support
  6. Sarah Pointu
    Sarah Pointu
    Communication and marketing strategy
  7. Natalie Jeremijenko
    Natalie Jeremijenko
    Planetary health strategy and technology
  Our network has 25+ professionals working in the following fields: 

❑urban planning and community building 
❑ecological landscaping and agriculture (permaculture)
❑autonomous social communication management
❑social  enterprise strategies for project implementation
❑construction and civil engineering
❑sports and leisure 
❑education and facilitation

❑policy development 
❑public/social/environmental health


  1. Nomad Co Op
  2. Northern School of Permaculture
  3. International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology
  4. Clinique du Bon Pasteur
  5. MINT Lab
  6. x Clinique
  7. Title 10

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