Knowledge Mapping
First stop Mauritius. Where is it you ask? Google maps (a wonder in itself) has the answer. Inevitable next question follows: Why Mauritius? Well big ideas need to start small and as world map is our witness, Mauritius fits the bill. Mapping effort is underway to put Mauritius on a good keel in providing life long learning experiences to anyone who wishes to understand knowledge outside 'the book, the pen and paper' paradigm. 
GeoMedicine Adventure 

Geomedicine is the next evolution in public health. It is how we can run a sustainable and effective health care system that works for all. 


Geomedicine uses modern information technology to deliver better understanding of the links between human and environmental health. With such understanding, management of epidemic outbreaks, preventive diagnosis and successful treatments become easier.

Access to this information also leads to innovative environmental interventions that regenerate, control or remove toxins in the landscape, making geomedicine part of the wellness industry and not just a fringe activist movement.

We are currently in the funding phase and will have way more to share soon.  In the meantime we offer bespoke solutions as part of our services. 
Breaking Through Reality With Music, part 2 
Breaking Through Reality With Music has been kept alive, and instruments made from waste continue to be played in different events around the island.

One of Breaking Through Reality With Music most recent activity was at the Ecolab Manual launch from the Indian Ocean Commission, where some of the local artists and their instruments performed.

- Video coming up shorltly ! -
Permaculture Courses with PINB
  Institute Bon Pasteur delivers one-on-one permaculture tutoring in Mauritius in collaboration with the Permaculture Institute of Northern Britain [PINB] & the Northern School of Permaculture.

This course, that can result in a PDC [Permaculture Design Certificate] from the Permaculture Institute of Northern Britain on acceptance of the student’s project, is conducted on several months. This format, differing from many traditional 72 hours PDC training, aim to give enough space to the student to integrate the permaculture principles, and is shaped to suit the student’s interest and curiosity through a lot of field work.

Due to the personalized approach IBP chooses to offer, spaces for the PDC or Diploma one-on-one tutoring are limited.
Island Bio
Island Bio is a local initiative that IBP has been assiting since end of  2016. This social and non-for-profit enterprise aims to alleviate poverty through self-help and to bring health justice to low and middle-class Mauritian citizens through setting up decentralized community-integrated farms all around the Island.
They believe that access to natural and healthy food should be a fundamental right for every Mauritian citizens irrespective of their purchasing power.

IBP assists Islandbio in diverse ways including beneficiaries training.
 Corporate Training & awareness sessions
True to its mission of propagating modes of education for well-being wherever possible, IBP is available to offer corporate training and awareness sessions on various topics such as waste management, circular economy, place-making, leadership coaching, creative storytelling and more.

The objective of many of these sessions is to create a strong link between the public and the environment.
A few sessions have already been done, in collaboration with other entities, for local hotels staffs.