Service provider with a difference 
The institute is a Community Interest Company limited by shares, which means that the resources earned are shared amongst our stakeholders, not just shareholders. We invest in social enterprises, whether already established or just starting out. 
Service structure with a purpose
At IBP the success is measured over very long time. We are a learning organisation with very keen interest in circular economy, and as such are open to flexible working arrangements. You can thus hire us as consultants, commision us as project managers or invite us to be part of the project development team.  ​In some cases we are open to franchise models. 

  1. Networking
    Sharing knowledge with the right people at the right time is our full time vocation. This is how we develop ideas to be tested, recruit the most committed and experienced team members, and grow the very much needed partnerships for seeing the project through.
  2. Communication
    Creative events, workshops and games are at the center of our efficient project management and sustainable community development. We design and implement multi-channel communication campaigns known for their 'learning while having fun' effect.
  3. Education programes
    With attitude of life long learning we design eco-literacy programs. Practical training and personal coaching form part of our implementation strategies. We specialise in piloting projects and facilitating shared learning.
  4. Ecological Design
    Whether it be land, product, business or policy development, permaculture is our business ethos and guiding service philosophy. Observation, multi purpose use and sourcing local knowledge/expertise are thus the key aspect of our designs.
  5. Sustainable Events
    With creative industry development as one of our impact strategies, we design and manage mainly the festivals and edutainment workshops. These are the perfect places for sharing knowledge in engaging, entertaining way, and creating B2B networks and markets.

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